Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cereal Butt, An Excellent Phrase You Want Your Child to Learn

First, thanks for your comments yesterday about carseats. I'll write more about that tomorrow!

Q has been a little eating monster for the last few days, leading us to believe that he's in a growth spurt. He's going to have to start carrying me around soon. After a marathon second breakfast session of chomping Kix cereal, I helped him off his chair and onto the floor.

There was a perfectly spherical piece of Kix attached to his pants, and I reached out to grab him before he sat and squashed it.

Lady M: Hey kiddo, you've got cereal butt!

Q: Cereal butt! Cereal butt! Cereal butt!


We also played orchestra. He gave me the pan and he took the pot. "Guitar!" he commanded, and we'd strum our cookware. "Violin!" We'd tuck the pots under our chins and pretend to bow with the spatula (pictured). I taught him to sit down to mime the cello, and he already has "bass" down pat. I like seeing how his imagination works. I hope that this doesn't eventually lead to our bankruptcy due to purchasing Stradivarii.

At lunch, I had a moment of which every parent dreams. I had heated a bowl of leftovers for him and to the chorus of "MO' PEAS! MO' PEAS!" had to add more peas to his lunch. That is totally worth writing down, in case it never happens in my lifetime again.

Tonight, we had a lovely gathering with friends with whom we'd first become close during a dance tour of Europe. This was our eleventh Christmas gathering, and amazingly for this crazy Bay Area life, the original group of ten was there, with the addition of spouses and children. We like to joke that one of the little girls, just five weeks younger than Q, will be his swing dance partner when they grow up.

Some years we do elaborate costume themes, like mid-century Victorian, or the Lord of the Rings. This time, I suggested having a pajama party, just like it was Christmas morning. We were nice and cozy, especially when the power went out, and we sat around admiring creative ideas in the gift exchange by candlelight. It was good to be among friends.


Mocha said...

People are out there doing amazing things. Swing dancing, having cozy Christmas parties, and cereal butting. It's the cereal butt that I'm most familiar with, but I'm not giving up on the swing dancing.

Mamacita Tina said...

Thanks to grandma, my little man says, "You're a stinkybutt!" and points at you. Being out in public will be a lot more interesting now. I love your strings/instruments game.

Girl con Queso said...

I think cereal butt is my new favorite saying.

Lady M said...

Ha, stinky butt! That comes after cereal butt.