Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Way Past the Slippery Slope

Once upon a time, this hypothetical new mother had a young baby who was just starting solid foods, and she thought, “My baby is only going to eat organic produce. My baby isn’t going to watch more than 15 minutes of educational TV a day.”

Are you done laughing yet?

We are way past the considering the slippery slope and lying at the bottom of the hill, wondering what happened. On our road trip this week, we resorted to bribing the baby with a cookie to get him back into his carseat for the last segment of the drive. For shame.

My weak attempt at rationalizing is that at least the cookie was a gingersnap, and not a chocolate-dipped Oreo. Ginger is a sort of vegetable, a natural thing, practically a health food.

We were doing well on the TV thing for a while, just watching a little PBS Sprout at bedtime. Then football season started, and the little guy started watching Monday Night Football with Daddy. Last week, he got sick, and we needed keep him from being too active to prevent coughing. Out came the DVDs and lots of Sesame Street. Sigh. Well, he must be getting something from the hours in front of the “Meet the Orchestra” Baby Einstein DVD, because he’s been playing my dad’s guitar like it’s a double bass.


Anonymous said...

When the kids are sick, all the old rules go by the wayside. Still, I do feel a bit guilty when Bub (who has a raging ear infection) says plaintively, "Mama turn TV off?" and I respond, "Oh, but Hi-5 is coming on next!"

Anonymous said...

We are all right there with you at the bottom of that hill!

YF said...

bottom of the hill, laying in the ditch, rolling around in sugar and processed foods.

Mamacita Tina said...

I've been looking up at that hill a LONG time. What happened? Reality. Yup.