Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Pictures, More!

I used to think that if the money fairy showered us with riches, and we moved to a mansion with live-in staff, I'd select house musicians before a gardener and butler. After reading about these doting parents though, I think that maybe we'd need our own photo-journalist first.


penelopeto said...

in 18 months, the huz has snapped over 6500 pictures of bee. you heard me right.

i would pay him to stop. (or maybe just slow down a bit)

sunshine scribe said...

Great picture! We had ninety million photos of my son when he was an infant ... with each year there are less and less. Better get back at saying "Cheese"

Lady M said...

I need to actually get some of our pictures printed . . . a bunch of pixels on the hard drive are not so interesting.