Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hostess Snack Cakes, Lyme, and Croupy Croup Croup

We spent the morning taking Q to the doctor to confirm a diagnosis of croup. It seems to be a lighter case this time, so I'm hoping we won't need to go to the ER tonight.

We did however need to use the spare sets of clothes I'd packed for both Q and SwingDaddy in our errand bag, since I suspected he might be a little barfy after medication. My Mommy Instincts are not as finely honed as most, but occasionally, I come through with the right stuff.

In other medical news, I have a bug bite and thanks to Dr. Google, I'm certain I have Lyme Disease.

SwingDaddy points out that this is highly unlikely since Lyme Disease is carried by ticks, and ticks are generally found in the outdoors, rather than in malls, computer labs, or artificially surfaced playgrounds, which are my usual haunts. I took a picture of the red spot on my arm, just in case he needs to show it to the coroner later.

He is now trying to convince me that chocolate covered mini-donuts, which I purchased in a moment of weakness today, are an effective antidote against Phantom Lyme Disease. I have a longstanding craving for Hostess Ding Dongs, which as the company website states, are "enrobed with chocolate coating, with rich and majestic crème filling." Sadly, when you bite into one, they taste like cardboard.

We've decided that what I really want is the platonic ideal of a Hostess Ding Dong, not the actual thing, so I've stopped buying them. The mini-donuts also fall short of expectation, so I'll have to get rid of them tomorrow.

Sorry for such a wandering topic line today. It's hard to concentrate when you're hearing Beaker singing "Feelings" in your head because your child wanted to see the video over and over again.


Mamacita Tina said...

Q, get better soon! Lady M, you also.

Mmmmmm, Ding Dongs. Oh the childhood memories! Agreed, they're horrible.

Jenny said...

Phantom Lyme Disease.

Can't stop giggling. That's awesome.

But awful.

YF said...

too funny! well I hope that Q is better soon and that you don't die today from the horrid case of Lyme disease. I too have many diseases that are sure to take me any day now.

Waya said...

Oh, poor Q! Hope he'll get better soon! And ding dongs? I haven't had them in years. Now, I'm drooling. Thanks Lady M! Not that I needed it.

Girl con Queso said...

Majestic crème filling. Wow, now that's creative writing. There's a very ambitious copywriter at that ad agency.

Lady M said...

I ate another one of the donuts today, and it wasn't tasty. Again. Such a short term memory!

Binkytown said...

Have you tried the hostess fruit pies? They are my downfall. Sugar and lard. But so delish. I hope Q is feeling better and you are hanging in..