Thursday, November 30, 2006

Courage, The Perfect Post

The Original Perfect Post Awards Each month Lucinda and MommaK host the Perfect Post Awards for bloggers to honor their favorite posts of the preceding month. For November, my Perfect Post Award goes to Lara* at Life: The Ongoing Education for her seven-part series chronicling the dramatic recent events in her struggles with depression.

SwingDaddy and I visited her during the week she was in the hospital. It was heart-wrenching to see a friend in so much emotional pain, and she is turning that pain into beautiful writing that hopefully helps in her recovery, as well as being inspirational to others.

Be warned that this isn't lighthearted content, so you may want to set aside a quiet moment to read (unless you have small children, in which case I know you will never have a quiet moment.) Part 1 of her series is here.

Lara, thanks for sharing. We are wishing you well!

*Lara has chosen a nom-de-blog, so I've updated accordingly.

In an unrelated note, SwingDaddy made it home safely from his trip, and that leaves me free to process the remaining 1700 emails in my work inbox before I move to a new and exciting job (at the same company) tomorrow. Whee!


Mamacita Tina said...

Kari is definitely a brave soul for sharing her story. Beautiful writing it is.

New job, yeah! Congrats!

YF said...

Read Kari's story and it was brave and wonderful. Thanks for sharing to you both!

And on the 1700 emails just cut and paste the following:

"Thank you for your email, I am moving to a new job today so this is no longer my concern." :-) BEST part of a new job.

mayberry said...

Congratulations on the new job--love yf's suggestion!

Lady M said...

She certainly deserves the award.

I have 450 messages left . . . getting through them! Most just need filing, but I'm tempted to use that message of yf's!