Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cosmic Balance

Nanny J reports that Q has really been thoroughly enjoying his Mandarin music class. He knows the order of activities, so, he anticipates his favorite parts and stands up, waiting for the teacher to bring out the drums, and later, the triangles. There are enough small bells, drumsticks, and other props for all the children to play at the same time, but, they have to learn to take turns with the special instruments.

By standing up before she goes to get the drums, Q is first in line to get one. Hmmm, clever boy, to think on his feet. He’s not entirely selfish though. We had a major moment of parental pride last week, when another little boy didn’t want to wait and started to cry, so Q turned around and gave him the drum!

Of course, to balance things out, he almost bit a child who got too close a couple days later, but Nanny J was quick enough to pull him back. I suppose it’s fair that when you think you’re the mother of the cutest baby in the world, you get a moment of “you are SO going to be an only child.”


Anonymous said...

Mandarin music class sounds like a lot of fun!

Mamacita Tina said...

Toddlers, one moment sharing, next moment biting/hitting. Such an onslaught of emotions.

Lady M said...

The music class is fun! I want to slip out of work to go again. We listen to the CD at home, so I'm learning some of the songs too.