Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Boy and His TMX Elmo

Q scored amazing amounts of love and attention from two sets of grandparents last week, plus some cool toys. He's a lucky little dude. Besides the magical guitar from Ama and Agu, Grandma D and Grandpa managed to acquire the sold-out TMX Tickle Me Elmo, and here is the pictorial tale of Elmo's entry to our household.

Oh boy, it's Elmo!

It's really Elmo!

I can't wait!

Here he is. Why are you tickling him, Daddy?

Make him stop convulsing!

The whole point of TMX Elmo is that he laughs so much that he falls over and tumbles around. Q was not so amused. He picked up Elmo and stuffed him back into the box.

When we were visiting with friends last week, he got really upset when their little girl tripped and fell over. So maybe he was being empathetic and afraid Elmo was hurt.

The adults waited until Q was asleep to try out Elmo again. This thing is hilarious. We were all laughing as the doll giggled and tumbled around. The next morning, Q was happy to carry Elmo's box around, piping "Elmo!" periodically. When we asked if he wanted to take the doll out of the box, he said, "No!"

After a few more days, he's let Elmo out of the box.

He's grown very fond of him. But we haven't turned the "tickle" switch on again. We'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

That expression of fear and dismay is just priceless. I have a similar sequence of photos of Bub on the little fire-engine ride at the fair: joy turns to worry as the ride starts moving, and then to all-out protest. Poor sweetie.

Kristen said...

OH, how funny! Poor guy was freaked out by the laughing!! (I don't know if I blame him, haha!)

Mayberry said...

Are birthday wishes in order?

Not only does Opie have that same airplane shirt, he is wearing it today!

Mir said...

Hahahahha that was awesome. Sounds like something my kids would've done at that age.

Jenny said...

Awww...he's so empathetic. That's so awesome of him.

PS. The epileptic elmo kind of scares me too.

Jennifer said...

Awww! That's how my little one reacted to Elmo! In fact, to this day (he's now three!) whenever we get around ANY Elmo doll he kind of side steps around him while eyeing him suspiciously. I just don't think my kid trusts the little red monster!

Your pix story is too funny! It's my first time here (via Mamacita Tina) and I look forward to visiting again!

Lady M said...

I think I will be happy to keep the tickle switch off. :)

Mayberry - Not his birthday yet, just a lucky coincidence of travel schedules. Cool shirt, huh!

Jennifer - welcome, first time reader!

Mamacita Tina said...

So sweet that he's worried about Elmo's condition!