Saturday, November 04, 2006

About Those Newts

When our friends, Ms Redowa and Husband, got married this summer, they put their creativity to work and a good time was had by all. The venue did indeed include newts and a trampoline, which everyone seems to want to hear more about, so here's a little bit more about their special day. Sadly, I have no picture of either (too busy holding the child for the former and too dark to capture the latter.)

After following the directions on their wedding website (and on the invitations sent only to those who specifically requested a paper copy and that were printed on locally-produced 100% post-consumer-waste recycled cardstock), we arrived in the middle of a glorious grove of redwoods to find a beautiful pond and a dance floor just beyond.

A tolerant friend's son captured eleven newts (or the same slow newt eleven times) from the pond during the course of the evening, and I managed to not lose my cool cred by insisting that he take a wet wipe from my diaper bag before joined the children's table for dinner.

Table is not quite the right word; Island is better, as the children decided to eat on the small float that the Mexican-Cuban quartet has used as their stage earlier. Q was fascinated by the guitars, and one musician was kind enough to stop by and play a special ditty for him. I think this was the first time we heard Q say, "'tar!"

After enjoying appetizers served on disposable plates made of biodegradable potato starch and a lovely dinner on more conventional china while reading the carefully labeled ingredient lists for vegetarians, vegans, and folks who had food allergies, we danced, watched performances of Scottish/German/ Indian fusion dance, and zipped over to the cake cutting.

There was even a separate wheat-free cake for those who were gluten intolerant. All in all, we were incredibly impressed by the thought and care that went into the planning of the Purple Wedding, and indeed all the weddings we attended this summer.

It was dark by Q's bedtime, and we headed through the trees to our car. In the distance, we could barely see vaguely bouncing shapes, but the happy sounds left no doubt that the children had found the trampoline. If we'd gotten there while there was still light, you wouldn't have been able to tear Q (and SwingDaddy and I) off it! Fortunately, we started baby gymnastics class that next week and Q's been getting plenty of bounce time since.

As for newts though, we're leaving those guys alone for a while.


Mamacita Tina said...

Great, thoughtful ideas for a wedding, or any party for that matter. How beautiful to have it out in a forest, magical too.

Q loves to bounce, Ian won't have anything to do with trampolines or bounce houses. He's very cautious that way.

Kristen said...

Wow, what an amazing event! That cake was awesome. I can't believe how many alternative food options there were.

Jenny said...

Wow. That wedding sounds AMAZING.

I'm so impressed.

Mayberry said...

Wow. It's very cool that they had a wedding so in tune with their principles (and the Earth)! No wonder the newt(s) felt welcome.

Anonymous said...

I love that cake. Hubby and I had a "Dr. Seuss cake" - all topsy turvy and multi-coloured. Sounds like a very creative wedding!