Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Year of Love, Anchor Leg

We attended the amazingly elegant wedding of college friends tonight. We had a lovely time, and best of all, Q was well behaved for Lady Q and Cha, who kindly watched him for the evening. Apparently, he has developed a PR mode for people other than his parents, and turns on the charm at will.

This was the eighth and last wedding of the season. The score:

White strapless wedding gowns: 5
White summer wedding frock: 1
Purple 1930's style wedding gown: 1
Yellow 1840's style wedding gown: 1

Trips to the store to look for wedding gifts: 0 (Thank God for online registries!)
Dance performances at receptions: 3
Toasts that needed to be edited out of the video: 1
Toasts and speeches in languages other than English: 3 (Norwegian, Chinese, unidentified)
Impressively artistic guest books: 4
Cable cars rented to take guests from church to reception: 1
White vintage Rolls Royces to take happy couples to the reception: 2
Ceremonies at churches: 3
Ceremonies at country clubs, historic houses, city hall, or middle of a forest: 5
Receptions with trampolines and newts: 1

Deliriously happy newlyweds: 16

Wishing you all the best in your new marriages, dear friends. We feel lucky to be part of your lives.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking through all the bridal magazines lately in preparation for a friend's wedding next summer, and I've noticed that bridesmaid's dresses have gotten so much more diverse in the last three years, even - varying lengths, colours, styles - but the bridal gowns are still strapless all the way, with a rare exception for spaghetti straps. It's hard to imagine the day that sleeves will make a come-back, but then that's what we said about leg-warmers and belted sweaters, wasn't it?

Waya said...

Oh my goodness!! That's a lot of weddings!! Sounds like a lot of fun though and some beautiful wedding gowns!

lara said...

yeah, fiance's been to 11 and i've been to 8.5 in the last year. is it any surprise we've been avoiding planning our own? :-P you better come when we finally have it, though - we will most definitely want you and swingdaddy and Q there. :)

Mayberry said...

OK, I must've missed the post about the trampoline!

We went to just one wedding this season, but it featured a mariachi band during the reception and all the groomsmen were shod in low-rise red Chuck Taylors.

mothergoosemouse said...

I want to hear about the reception with the trampolines and newts.

Kristen said...

WOW, that's an incredible amount of weddings. My husband's a wedding photography and your wedding attendance rivals his! Hahaha!

Lady M said...

bubandpie- I'm waiting for the really big hair to come back.

waya - beautiful gowns indeed! I wish I'd gotten better pictures.

Kari - You'd better believe all three of will be there, and Q will do his best to assist you with your makeup and hair.

mayberry and mothergoosemouse - ok, I'll get back to you on the trampolines and newts in a future post!

kristen - I remember John's wedding cake post, and there's a great one that I want to send you from the trampoline/newt wedding. I'll dig it up.