Thursday, October 26, 2006

Will Work for Arms

Does it bother anyone else that the Baby Einstein puppets have no arms? We've been watching "Meet the Orchestra" with Q, observing various armless animal puppets carry trumpets, violins, and guitars around in their mouths and pretend to play them. The audience bounces up and down excitedly when the music is finished. They can't clap, because they too are armless puppets.

At least the duck puppet (above) has sort of vestigial wings. They had him playing the violin with his wing and the end of the bow off camera. It makes you hope they make enough money off this DVD that they can afford to have arms in the sequel.

SwingDaddy notes that the puppets do not bother him at all, and he thinks that it's strange that I think about it. In any case, we appreciate the Muppets more than ever.


Waya said...

I haven't seen that series yet. With out first son, we poured on classical music, Baby Einstein galore. But with our 2nd and 3rd children, all they get is whatever the older brother watches, that could be "transformer", pretty bad huh?!

Mamacita Tina said...

Nothing will ever take the place of Muppets. I still have my Miss Piggy muppet (she doesn't like the fact she's getting pretty old).

Lady M said...

I'm not totally sold on B-Einstein. The selection of instruments in "Meet the Orchestra" is sometimes a little odd, etc. Transformers might be much better!

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