Sunday, October 08, 2006

Watching Football, Shakin' It, and Leaving Handprints

A bit of this and that today.

- Go Chargers! I'm not much of a football fan, but SwingDaddy is working on Q.

- The bouncy castle was just for the elementary school children, so we just looked wistfully, and made plans to rent our own someday.

- My legs are achy tonight, a sensation that I now associate with illness, instead of the correct diagnosis, which is that I had a good workout today. I like my new aerobics class. The Bollywood music is a novelty to me, and I love the hip shaking and Indian styling.

- Mamacita Tina commented that SwingDaddy must have strong wrists to hold Q standing on his hand. Well, yes and no. He used to hold grown women standing on his hand when he spent a season on our collegiate cheer team, so little Q is pretty manageable. However, he did go through a lot of wrist wrapping and an entire Costco-sized bottle of Advil in one football season. . . .

- We had a lovely dinner with Pink Girl and her new husband yesterday. We had given them a pasta attachment for their impressive KitchenAid mixer, so we ate amazing fresh fettuccini and had a great time catching up. For much of the evening, Q was behaving like an advertisement for becoming a parent – "playing" the piano, giggling, and making cute faces.

We did have to pull him away from his examination of their glassware display and abruptly end the placement of little handprints in the ceramic bowl of sand and shells from beaches they've visited around the world, so I don't totally feel like we've misled them about the ease of parenthood.

- Pink Girl and a couple of her pals went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour concert and said they screamed like teenagers the whole time. She brought home a souvenir t-shirt autographed by many of the performers, including Heidi. If they tour for season three, we might have to go.


Jenny said...

holy crap, I love that picture.

Traditions are awesome. Even if the do involve (blech) sports.

Waya said...

Love the male bonding. It's funny how my 3 year old requested to "watch football" yesterday even Daddy wasn't around.

So, that's how you met SwingDaddy, in college and you were a cheerleader? No wonder why you wrote about "Bring it on". GOOOOO Lady M! (in my pretend cheerleading voice)

bubandpie said...

"like an advertisement for becoming a parent" (quoting from memory here)

LOL. We took Bub and Pie to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Canadian Thanksgiving) and they were just their best, most charming selves. When it was time to go nobody threw a tantrum, and both of them went around the room telling everybody "Bye bye." I was so in love with my children, looking at them through my relatives' eyes and seeing how charming they seemed.

Then Bub was up twice in the night (again), waking his sister at 6:20 and I woke up enraged and bitter. Another new day...

Momma to LG said...

Is this workout class at 24 Hour? I just went to one that was a dance class with Indian music called Nike Rockstar Workout. Very fun and very sweaty!

Matt said...

Cool blog. (I found it via waya's blog). Looks like your boys are inseperable and you're going to have some free time on Sundays.

I have a couple of boys; a 3 year old (4 in Dec) and an 18 month old. My wife is hopelessly outnumbered.

If you want to check out my blog, it's here

lara said...

M, i'll give you three guesses as to what i find absolutely hilarious in these comments. but i bet you'll only need one... ;)

Lady M said...

SwingDaddy and I met in a dance performance troupe at school. I didn't cheer, but he did for one season. The stunts are brutal to the body, so he was happy to stop after football season.

My aerobics class is at, and Indian dance and fitness group. Their website needs to be updated, so it's not that interesting right now. I didn't know that 24 hour fitness had classes like that too!