Saturday, October 28, 2006

Totally Outclassed in the Pom-Pom Scarf Escalation

I used to travel to Seattle for work on a regular basis, and sometimes at the end of a week, there'd be an evening without office commitments, and I'd slip out to do a little shopping. One time, I was walking by the Gap and saw a really cute scarf in the window. Blue and white, with a bright pink pom-pom at each end.

Clearly, I needed to have this scarf! I searched the entire store, finally finding it in the basement GapKids sale section. Since it didn't exactly match my business suit, I tucked as much of it as would fit into my briefcase, and let the round yarn balls dangle outside, looking very odd, I'm sure.

Fast forward a few years to last weekend, when I saw to my great delight, the return of pom-pom scarves, this time at Target. Except like the escalation of blades in razors, there were now four pom-poms on each end of the scarf. I bought one in black and white, and was quite pleased with myself.

Today, I saw this at Bath & Body Works.

Seven red pom-poms. I'm not sure how to handle this yet.

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