Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Succumbing to the Thrift Store

Q has developed an intense fondness for an old cooking pot that we'd saved from our last kitchen cleanout as a toy for him. He'll hold it like a guitar and strum, or put the end of the handle to his mouth and pretend to toot-toot the trumpet. Lately, he's been demanding a big cooking spoon or spatula so that he can stir the pot, just like mommy and daddy. It was getting difficult to retrieve our (real) cooking gear when we needed to actually make dinner, so I did the unthinkable.

I went to Goodwill and bought an old ladle, spatula and stirring spoon. I brought more stuff into our house.

Mind you, it's not being snobby about buying things at a thrift store. I've certainly done that plenty and I find the bargain-hunting both cost effective and entertaining. However, we're really trying to take things from our house to Goodwill to free up some space, so it felt really odd to be bringing stuff back.

All for a good cause. The kiddo loves the spoon. There would be less strife on earth if everyone were so pleased with kitchen utensils.


Mary P. said...

Oh, I so understand about the "more stuff" dilemma!

For a while, my three stepdaughters liked nothing more than to go to garage sales. They'd deliberately go near the end of the sales, so that they would be given all sorts of stuff - FREE! BAGS and BAGS of it!! Isn't that GREAT???


That last line made me laugh out loud.

sunshine scribe said...

We do the same thing with yard sales. Hold one every year to get rid of stuff and then ... bam its back full up from other people's yard sale :)

Occidental Girl said...

I have a perpetual box by the door for Goodwill, and I make a trip about once a month.

Wouldn't it be funny if you bought your own old spatula? Or not so much funny, as ironic? It's the Circle of Life: all spatulas return to their home of origin!

Waya said...

Oh yeah, we don't buy toys for the kids any more. Their favorite cabinets are the tupperwares and the pots & pans. I just happened to find my spatula in the coat closet the other day. Not to mention the many broken chopsticks that the boys used as swords. Nice huh?!

Lady M said...

Mary P - Not BAGS and BAGS of stuff - oh no!

Sunshine Scribe - I try to not even look at garage sales, but toys are getting hard to pass up.

Occidental Girl - That would be really funny. Like salmon on the journey to spawn, the spatulas return.

Waya - I was going to say that I haven't found any spatulas in the coat closer, but I just hid a few of the new purchases in a cabinet to that Q won't see them right away, and I'm sure I'll find them one day and wonder why they are there!

Kristen said...

Oh yeah - I think you made the right choice. We'd have a lot fewer arguments at dinner time if we had some spare utensils for the kids too!