Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sofa is a Fun Word to Say

Our new sofa arrived today, and it's looking very grown up in our living room. In fact, it looks like it doesn't belong there, among the rest of our hand-me-down furniture, plastic SuperYard baby fence, and assorted nonsense. The old couch was an acquisition from my new-grad days, when I bought it secondhand from my roommate's friend, figuring that even though it was a little battered, it'd do just fine for a while.

Twelve years later, it's still in our house. The plus side? I don't even flinch when Q drools copiously onto its cushions. The down side? We're supposed to be passing for adults now, and what looked a little shabby a dozen years ago is certainly not better now.

In one of his early books (Bad Habits? Not sure, since in a fit of organization last year, it went to a second-hand bookstore), Dave Barry wrote about his collection of mismatched household items. If he and his (first) wife were to bring home a sleek Danish chair, the rest of the furniture would undoubtedly gang up on it during the night, and it would emerge looking as crummy as all the other pieces by dawn.

I like to think that our furniture, although old, is quite friendly, and since the new sofa is bigger than anything else in the living room, it should be able to hold its own. In fact, maybe it will cast an influence of elegance over the whole place.

Yes, I know that photographing the sofa with a cute octopus does not help our endeavor to decorate like grown ups, but Q refused to pose for the picture, and the octopus was more cooperative.

In other purchasing news, I was going to trumpet my shopping triumph this weekend. I bought a great Ann Taylor Loft blazer – navy blue with snappy buttons and subtle military flare – for $55, down from the list of $129, using the combination of various sales and coupons. I will wear the heck out of the jacket at work this winter. I felt very Mir-like, finding a great bargain, until I read Suebob's post today, and was reminded that I didn't even ask for an additional discount. Next time!

It occurs to me that I could have posted a photo of the blazer too, but I don't think Q or the octopus would be willing to wear it.


sunshine scribe said...

Fabulous new sofa! I hope it has a great influence over the rest of the furniture in your house :)

Waya said...

We don't pay full price on ANYTHING!! Being surrounded by bargain hunters, my Mom and sisters, I learn from the best. I got a Crate & Barrel blue chaise with an ottoman for $200, the retail price was $1099. It was "as if" merchandise but with three kids, who need new stuff?! ;-)

Suebob said...

Hey Lady M - thanks for coming by AND for the linky love. You are a bargain hunter too!

I have a Moo mini card with your picture on it, since I made 30 of the BlogHer photos into little calling cards. If you want one, email me your snailmail address and I will send it to you -

Lady M said...

Sunshine scribe - thank you!

Waya - that's an amazing price for C&B. Wow!

Suebob - Thanks, I will write you. I would love to see the photo cards!

fourthbreakfast said...

Nice sofa! I look forward to napping on it after we put Q to bed this weekend.

Mir said...

Wow, I'm starting to think I should just abandon Woulda Coulda Shoulda and go full-time on Want Not, just so that my name becoming synonymous with "cheap" is guaranteed. ;)

Where's the picture of the blazer, lady??

Mamacita Tina said...

We have mixed furniture too. Slowly particle board bookshelves are disappearing from the living room and being replaced with ones containing some honest to goodness solid wood. This doesn't mean the old ones are gone, we need them for storage in the den.