Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Return of the Broom, Perfect Post

My Chargers boys.

Note that Q is holding a broom, just barely in frame at the bottom of the photo. Sigh. We had the cleaners here this morning, and Q so ardently admired their equipment that we were forced to get his little broom out of hiding and let him play with it instead of interfering with their work.

Here, SwingDaddy is trying to persuade Q to pose with a football for a Halloween picture, but he is saying, "No way, Dad! Brooms are much cooler."

We totally should have done a Harry Potter theme. Knitted him a cute Gryffindor scarf and had him hold the broom as a Quidditch player. Girl Con Queso had the right idea.

Tomorrow is Perfect Post day, and I've awarded Kittenpie for "Parental Guidance Advised." She points out that the movie ratings board uses that label, but " pretty much the entire world has that sticker implicitly on it." Thanks for the great writing at Life of 'Pie!

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Jenny said...

Next year you'll dress him as Harry Potter and you won't be able to separate him from his football.

Suzanne said...

He can be a housecleaner in the offseason!

Girl con Queso said...

Exactly what Jenny said! I love it though that, for now, brooms are cooler than footballs. That's fantastic! (But then again, you know how much I love the Harry Potter.)

Lady M said...

Good point. He will have to be an American cousin to Harry, playing football next year.