Monday, October 30, 2006

Octopus Enough for Two Years

Octopus and Mom, Halloween 2005

Last October, SwingDaddy surprised me with the cutest octopus costume for Q. Even now, I can't write about it without a big smile coming over my face. Q's going to be 20 months old in a few days, so this is probably our last chance to get him into one of those big plush Halloween numbers. But guess what?

We're not going to do it. That's right. Queen of plush sealife is going to pass up the opportunity.

He's getting picky about hats and such, and it's not worth arranging a fancy outfit that he'll resist wearing. Instead, we got Q and SwingDaddy matching Chargers jerseys that they wear every Sunday.

The octopus was cute enough to cover two years. I'm happy that the boy is growing up and enjoying "Foo-Ball."

In other news, my dad shows his mad PhotoShop skillz by producing me an all-pom-pom scarf. Wish I could buy it!


Suzanne said...

That octopus is adorable! What a rite of passage -- moving from ultra-cute plush costumes to the "big-kid" kind. Happy Halloween!

Waya said...

I LOVE that octopus, that's just sooo cute!! I wish I can pinch Q and it. Happy Halloween!

kittenpie said...

Hi! Thank you for the award! that is so nice! (could I use more exclamation points? sheesh. I'm like a golden retriever puppy at an all-meat buffet here!)

email is, btw - yeah, it's not posted. I'm cagey like that.

And may I say that octopus is both cute and hilarious. Who knew slimey sea creatures could be so cute and cuddly? Love it.

Suebob said...

That is one octo-cutie!

Lady M said...

I still have the octo-costume - can't bear to part with it just yet!

Kittenpie - glad to hear from you! I'll be sending you the Perfect Post button for your webpage.

Mamacita Tina said...

What a cute octopus. And so cuddly. The Chargers outfit makes him look like such a big boy.

penelopeto said...

omg, that is too much!
love halloween. keep that octopus pic to show to his first g-friend.

Kimberly said...

It's an awesome costume!!!

(but the foo ball guy is cute too.)

Mom101 said...

I am kvelling over that photo! The cuteness! Ack, blinded by the cuteness!

We'll keep an eye out for pompom things for you from Cool Mom Picks - I never realized that was your "thing."