Monday, October 16, 2006

How Long Can You Use Teething as an Excuse?

Q hard at work, last January.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a Blogging Baby reference to the SharpMom site, which has some good ideas about how to organize your day to actually accomplish things while amusing your children.

A particularly good point: "Don’t tell your children too much: Try not to tell your children about your plans for the day too far in advance."

The idea is that you won't have to deal with the disappointment if the zoo is closed or if one activity has taken more time than expected and you'll be skipping another.

A kinda funny point: "Here’s the key to success moms, be flexible. You are not dealing with CEOs here. You are dealing with totally unpredictable children."

Hmm, I would argue that there are plenty of business execs that act like totally unpredictable children. In fact, we might all be better off if we gave everyone at work a break now and again.

"Oh the facilities manager? He didn't have a good nap today, so just ignore his temper."

"Yeah, the manufacturing scheduler? She's teething, so go easy on her this afternoon."

See Metro Mama's post for more wisdom from the office that's applicable at home.


Binkytown said...

Wouldnt it be great to just lay out on the floor at work when you'd had enough? Just once?

Kristen said...

I once did a post where I said that I was going to start using my three-year-old's method of crying at the drop of a hat every time I was in an unpleasant meeting... hahaha! Today I actually came pretty close to doing that...

Waya said...

Yeah, I got I get a day off?

Her Bad Mother said...

I intend to use teething as an excuse until she's in braces.

Lady M said...

It would be so awesome to roll on the floor moaning when someone is being difficult at work. Not that anything is ever frustrating at work, of course. Hahaha. ;)