Friday, October 27, 2006

Dawn Serenade and an Embarrassing Number of Fluorescent Wigs

Blogger wouldn't let me post this last night, sigh.

I was a little groggy this morning when Q woke up, so I didn't join him singing like I usually do when he started chirping away. Good thing too, because listening to him solo, it's apparent how his repetoire has grown. First he started with a numbers song.

1-2-3, 3-2-1
2-3-4, 4-3-2

This makes more sense in Mandarin, where 1 and 7 rhyme, and 4 and 10 sound alike. He applauded for himself while I sat there still blinking in the dim light, and launched into his A-B-Cs.

At this point, I think he knows all his letters, but it's pretty hit or miss which ones he'll get at any one time. He wrapped up the song, having hummed a few parts where the letters were uncertain (particularly the fast LMNOP part) and cheered himself again. With a reasonable rendition of "Tick-Tock" as an encore, he finished the show and presented himself ready for breakfast.

We generally sing together, so I figured he was imitating me, but he ran pretty well on his own. Take it all with a grain of salt – my standards are pretty flexible for a singing toddler. We're totally going to have to start him on showtunes soon.

Speaking of shows, we've started rehearsing a new piece with our dancers, a fun electronica number. We're not set on costumes yet, but the gals are pretty excited to do wigs.

A couple of years ago, every teen fashion store (like Claire's, for instance) was selling wigs and hairpieces in wild colors. Think of Christina Aquilera's red hair extensions – before she started channeling 1940's divas and the even earlier skank phase.

There's nothing like shopping at a teenybopper store as an income-earning adult to feel rich. I picked up a bunch of bright hairpieces for a show we were doing at the time, and as everything went inevitably on sale at the end of the season, I kept bringing home more wigs and curls and clip-ons at half-price, and then at clearance. Hey, an entire purple wig for $3!

When I was cleaning up my costume and sewing gear in preparation for making the spare room into the nursery, I gathered up the odds and ends from different shopping bags and put them all together. Horrible moment of realization. You know those old ladies that are discovered to have 58 neglected cats in their home and have to be prosecuted as cat-hoarders? Apparently, I am a wig-hoarder.

If we wanted to, we could all have different colored hair for the coming show. Purple, blue, yellow, orange, and my Costume Conspirator friend already has pink. Should we do it?


Kristen said...

Yeah, I say go for it! You might as well get some great use out of those wigs!!

Mayberry said...

By all means, do it! and post pictures of course.

Andrew's mommy said...

Hey my nanny and I used to say that same numbers rhyme in Cantonese except she only knew the first half(is there a tune that goes with it too?). Saying the whole thing out loud, it makes more sense in Mandarin though, because 4 and 10 sound nothing alike in Cantonese. :)

Love the wigs, btw. That is too hilarious - wig hoarder!