Friday, October 06, 2006

Bringing Home a Really Terrible Movie

Against all good judgment tonight, Lady O and I fast-forwarded our way through Bring It On: All or Nothing. Based on the charmless cast ("Pinnacle of bland," according to Lady O) and pathetic script, it must be a direct-to-DVD sequel to the spunky Kristin Dunst flick, Bring It On, which I thoroughly enjoyed for its cheer acrobatics and dancing. After a little IMDB research, it turns out that this is the second sequel, and the reduced circumstances distinctly show.

The dance action in "All or Nothing" is still pretty good. The kids move well and there's some great choreography, although it took me a good couple of minutes to figure out that one scene was an valiant attempt at krumping, an aggressive street dance better illustrated in Rize. I liked how they blended cheerleading-style dance with an urban edge, although the acrobatics were significantly weaker than displayed in the original.

We didn't follow the story very well, since we only watched the dance sections, but what we saw of the "drama" left us flinching. Better not to know what's going on.

It's been a long time since I've seen a televised cheerleading competition, but the collegiate squads are amazing. I remember the championship team began their routine with the entire squad, male and female, doing a standing back tuck (backflip), and that was just the first two seconds. SwingDaddy reports that in states where cheer is a big deal, like the Midwest, they get the pick of candidates. The men are huge – guys that just barely got cut from football- and the women are tiny- sub 100 pounds – for better airtime.

Tomorrow, we're taking Q to a neighborhood fair at the elementary school down the street. The flyers promise a bouncy castle. I'm hoping that they allow kids as small as Q to go inside, because I think he'll love it. And I hope they allow adults too. Wheee, bouncy castle!


fourthbreakfast said...

I just remembered: "Stick It" is the name of the gymnastics version of this film. I think we should see it. In fast forward, of course.

Kari said...

I loved the original. Anything with Kristen Dunst is a winner in my book.

But yeah, I would understand why the sequel would leave something to be desired plot-wise.

But, "Stick It" is on my Netflix queue. I love dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading... and don't really mind if the drama is stupid. ;-)

Waya said...

We (my hubbie included) loved Bring it on, "spirit fingers"!

lara said...

my mom and sister apparently had a sleepover just a few weeks ago to watch this movie. i didn't care enough at the time to ask for their thoughts on it, but maybe i will now, just to compare notes.

and btw, i love that kari and i can now go around confusing the blogosphere by commenting on the same blogs. :-P

Lady M said...

Definitely need to see Stick It and Step Up! Pink Girl saw Step Up in the theater, and said it was worth renting. Now I want to see the original Bring It On again too. The Netflix queue is getting too long.

Kari and Kari - Glad you're meeting virtually. :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Great picture! Your hubby has strong wrists to hold up Q like that. Did Q do a flip to get down?

Mrs. Davis said...

I loved the Kirsten Dunst movie (and I'm not even a big cheerleading fan), but this one sounds awful. I tried to convince my nephew to try out as a male cheerleader when he started college last year - he was a high school athlete, but not a big enough deal to make varsity at the University of Kentucky. Sadly, he didn't go for it.