Sunday, October 01, 2006

Asking For Hep

Each month Lucinda and MommaK host the Perfect Post Awards for bloggers to honor their favorite posts of the preceding month. For September, I'm awarding BubandPie for writing Hep, which describes how her two children are learning and interacting. Bub wants to complete tasks by himself, but Pie prefers to ask for "hep." It made me think about how different children are and how we can indeed influence them - but only so much!

Thanks, Bubandpie!


Q is starting to display his imagination. Yesterday, he took bites out of his toast so that he had a sort of wing shape, and made motor noises as he pretended to fly it overhead. "Epi, epi!" (Airplane). Then he pushed his toast across the table and said, "Bus!"

This morning, he pretended to strum his fork and said, "Tar!" (Guitar). He's also turning his toy buckets upside down to drum, so I fear that someday I'll come home and SwingDaddy will have installed a much longed-for drum set. Maybe if we get a house big enough to have a soundproofed room, dear. I want to play too!


Jenny said...

God I love Perfect Post day.

Going to check Bub out now.

Girl con Queso said...

Looks like you have a rock star on your hands!

Suzanne said...

Speaking as someone who has a drum set in her basement, I would strongly recommend the soundproofing. We don't have it, and when my husband plays his drums it gets mighty loud.

Kristen said...

That was a great post, you're right. And Q is a little smartie! Wow..!

Lady M said...

I love Perfect Post day too. There are always such great things to read!

Thanks for the advice on the drum set, Suzanne. I don't want to have to wear soundproof headphones all the time.

K goose blog said...

Very cute. Their imaginations are really neat.

Mary P. said...

How about that? I've been ruminating on a post on that very topic over the last few days: how parents have some influence over their children, but only so much, and perhaps not as much as we burden ourselves with. They are who they are - you can modify, guide, teach good manners and behaviours, but you can't change their basic character.

So off to bubandpie to see what her ideas are!