Thursday, September 21, 2006

Really Outrageous Water

It’s midnight now and I have to get up in three hours to catch my flight, so I’m going to bed. I offer you the brilliant contents of my Times Square hotel mini-fridge, offering a bottle of water for $4.50. Four fifty, people!

I ended up melting some ice cubes instead.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot that it's time for our quarterly emergency preparedness check-in again. More on that next week.

Updated: Emergency readiness post here.


Mamacita Tina said...

$4.50, YIKES! Ice is a good alternative!

metro mama said...

Evian is naive spelled backwards.

Kristen said...

Oh, the hotel prices are so ludicrous. I get so frustrated, but when I'm on business trips, if I need water and I have no other option besides the $4.50 bottle, I figure, hey, this is part of the company's expense of sending me on a trip. But when it's a personal trip it really, really chaps me.

Mayberry said...

Ooh, very smart with the ice cube trick. But NYC water is actually pretty good!

Lady M said...

They actually did leave a complimentary bottle of water and mints with the turndown service each night after the first, but I must have arrived so late the first night (close to midnight) that I was off their schedule.

Darn hotel, too fancy to have a tacky vending machine. ;)