Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our New Sofa has Tentacles!

We ordered a really cool new sofa yesterday. Isn't it adorable?

Okay really, we ordered a neutral colored sofa with simple lines, the same model that Lady O and Cha saw at her friend's fiance's place and bought for themselves as well. When you are lacking furniture appraisal skills like me, it's best to follow someone else's better judgement, or you end up with household seating in the shape of plush sealife.

(Side note: I saw the octopus chair in the same shop where we found Q's octopus costume last Halloween. SwingDaddy is very pleased that I just took a photo and didn't bring it home.)

When SwingDaddy had a Saturday commitment that conflicted with my regular ballet class for a few weeks, I started attending a Sunday morning class with a new teacher, Mr. Enrollment-Bait. He's a very clear teacher, and I hope he sticks around for a while, since his charisma and occasional wearing of tights should help ballet school attendance.

I like his war stories, like performing in Denver and almost passing out from lack of oxygen. Apparently, traveling companies will often have air tanks backstage to help the dancers recover between numbers.

Mr. E-B is working on class posture, and at one point made a wildly incorrect estimate of the number of vertebrae we should be stacking up. He took the correction from a student well, and explained that dancers only have to count to eight, so please excuse any number issues.

He went on to mention dancing a painfully modern Philip Glass number with 11 beats per bar (or 11 bars per phrase, not sure which). The company actually put two extra dancers in the wings along the side of the stage purely to count and wave their arms on the downbeats, so that everyone could stay together.

Today's homework –Adjust the rearview mirror of your car so that you have to maintain a healthy posture. If you slouch, you'll notice since you won't be able to see into the mirror.

Q is getting very ambitious with his climbing. He clambered up the blue ladder arch on the play structure yesterday with very little help from me. Of course, once he had reached the platform, I had to launch myself up there too, to keep him from making an inauspicious descent.

I did a little shopping today, using an "extra 20% off" coupon on top of the Labor Day Weekend Sales. At the mall, I noticed that wrap dresses are everywhere now. I wasn't around the last time they were in fashion, so I was highly skeptical of Diane von Furstenberg's claim that they suit every figure. Right.

There was a nice little black number on sale, so I figured, why not? Wrap dress, here I come. I tried it on, and it was pretty stunning. The view also looked like I could breastfeed without adjusting the dress, so it stayed at the store.

SwingDaddy needs some new shorts, so I browsed for those too. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing this season for casual wear between the very peachy-pink Izod extreme and the straight outta-the-dumpster look with crumples and frays. I told him that even the oldest of his current clothes are in better shape than what was hanging on the rack.

The rest of the shopping expedition went well, but that doesn't make for an interesting story. Here's another picture from the park instead.


Mamacita Tina said...

I also get very nervous when my little man decides he can tackle some playground equipment he's never done before.

Ha, your new ballet teacher sounds funny! I don't dance, but like the rear view mirror suggestion to help with posture.

Lady M said...

I hear ya! I'm starting to feel like an acrobatics coach, spotting him on the equipment.