Monday, September 25, 2006

Fountains and Cuteness

Hooray! US relaxes ban on liquids on airliners. Maybe eventually we'll be able to keep our shoes on too.

In other happy news, Q and I had a lovely evening while SwingDaddy attended a work event. Sometimes childcare seems like a litany of chores, but time with Q is starting to feel like I've got company. He's my little bud, and we hang out together.

After playing some alphabet games, we shared a healthy, home-cooked dinner. Can you tell I'm still feeling virtuous from the weekend of cooking? It needs to last for more than two consecutive days to make a difference, but better two days than nothing. Q chose his bites – bock bock (Italian chicken) or tay-toe (roasted potatoes) or bee (green beans) - carefully, and we wrapped up with some watermelon.

I needed to run a bank errand, and thankfully, the Safeway has an in-store branch that's open in the evenings. That has to be one of the best business decisions ever made by Wells Fargo. Every time I'm at the supermarket, there's a line at the bank kiosk. Q was really well behaved in line, and we made an event out of the errand by stopping by the fountain outside.

I have a newfound appreciation for public fountains. The kiddo loves them, and they are everywhere. He oohed and ahhed over the water and bubbles, and I held both his hands while he walked around and around the edge of the fountain. Being a parent has changed me in more ways than expected. A year ago, there was no way I could be content sitting around for a half hour, observing, and just being. Today, I could relish it moment by moment with my son.

I was wondering if he'd notice that the store immediately behind the watery attraction was a toy shop or whether I'd escape its clutches, but eventually his eyes grew big, and he toddled over to the store.

"You must hold mommy's hand," I said and we strolled inside. He did pretty well for a while, but eventually the cool stuff overcame his impulse control. I picked him up before he could do any damage, and we admired some trains and alphabet blocks. Then we turned a corner, and what do we see?

Cute plush sealife magnets! I stood there for a long time, looking at them. They were on top of a small television playing "Finding Nemo," so Q was content to stay while I struggled with my conscience.

Voice of reason: I really need to set a good example to my child about not making silly purchases.

Voice of cuteness: They are so cute, and he's too young to know.

Voice of reason: It's the principle of the thing!

I settled for taking a picture.


Kristen said...

AAA!! Those magnets are awesome.

What you said about Q being your buddy is so typical of this age - they really grow into their personalities, but they're not having tantrums over every little thing yet. It's a great time.

Lady M said...

Kristen - Our nanny is telling us the same thing. They have personalities now, but are too small to make their tantrums destroy the house yet!

Jenny said...

You are a stronger woman that I am.

PS. "Bok-bok" totally cracks me up.

Girl con Queso said...

What a happy photo! I love it!