Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Five Pounds Ain't Nothin'

Last weekend, I took my first aerobics class in ages. It showed too. I've been working on dance technique in other classes and rehearsals, but my aerobic condition has suffered since having Q.

Good choreography is the key to an entertaining class, and the teacher didn't disappoint. The program's Indian bhangra-style dance had great Bollywood music and new (to me) patterns to learn. There was a lot more belly and pelvic thrust action than the average aerobics class, that's for sure!

The instructor told the class to bring 3 lb weights next week for a series of squats and leg lifts, 5 lbs "if you're a pro."

I have a set of mini barbells somewhere (perhaps behind the babyproof fence in the living room?), so it's time to dig them out. I might be kidding myself, but you've got to wonder if five pounds is going to feel like anything anymore, now that I'm used to holding 25 pounds of squirmy baby while picking toys off the floor.


Mary P. said...

Heh. I once had a masseuse exclaim over my back. "Your muscles are way overdeveloped on your left side compared to your right!"

Guess which side I hold the babies?

Lady M said...

SwingDaddy has said that his right arm was overdeveloped from leading ballroom dance. And now he's balanced out from holding Q with his left!

Mamacita Tina said...

I remember prebaby aerobics classes, where I struggled with 3 pound weights. Now you've got me wondering...