Sunday, September 24, 2006

Drury Lane Revisited

Sunday mornings have turned into muffin time for Q and me. It's a cozy activity for us while SwingDaddy is off riding his bike, with lots of stirring and pouring. Plus we stock away munchies for the whole week. Today's batch was a new flavor – Cranberry Orange, Fat-Free, in honor of our new healthier family diet. Our previous motto, "Try to eat less poorly," just wasn't cutting it.

Last week, Mary P left a comment mentioning that "baking is only good for eating the batter," and that she's from the generation that wasn’t so paranoid about salmonella (from the raw egg in batter). It made me think about learned responses versus instincts.

For instance, my mom never considered cookie dough a treat. Why would you eat raw, uncooked dough? What a disgusting idea! Accordingly, it never occurred to my sister and me to beg for it, or even know that you were supposed to sneak tastes of batter until we were older and all our friends would battle for the mixing spoon. The concern about salmonella still comes in a distant second for me. For us, (dis)liking cookie dough was a learned response.

However, we've also heard plenty of stories from friends who grew up in the "no sugar" craze, where their moms would only give them carob. Basically, they were unexposed to candy or chocolate as young children, until some fateful day a well-meaning relative gives the kid a gumdrop and it's all over. Yum, our instincts for sweets are strong.

It's late and I can't think of a nice conclusion, so I'll just toss in a barely related factoid that I read. Supposedly, these days more cases of salmonella are developed from eating contaminated vegetables than from chickens and eggs. With the recent E. coli dangers, maybe we will avoid raw foods for a couple of weeks anyway.

Thanks to Nanny K for the photo! She discovered today that if you tell Q, "Smile and say cheese," he'll do it! SwingDaddy and Nanny K both deny any knowledge of teaching him how to ham it up. Who taught him? Fess up! :)


Suzanne said...

I love cookie dough, and I've decided the bliss of its sweet taste is worth the salmonella risk. For me, that is. When I'm baking with my kids, I've tried sneaking some batter in without their noticing -- only to have been caught at it fairly recently! Now they want ask to taste the batter, too. I guess their learned behavior is starting now.

Kristen said...

That picture of Q is adorable!

I LOVE cookie dough. My grandmother also used to bake bread and give me bits of uncooked bread dough, too. Luckily I never got sick, and it was so yummy.

Momma to LG said...

I agree about the risk being worth it. When pregnant I would buy the premade cookie squares and eat one every now and then. YUM!!!!

K goose blog said...

Loving cookie dough must be a learned behavior. T loves it and I love the cookies. Sugar is very instinctive, K can immediately feel a container that might have sugary snacks inside. The pic is fantastic.

lara said...

i forgot the cookie dough in your freezer! darn... :-P next time i'm over, i'll get it.

as to the photo, i'm just glad it occurred to me to try it. i thought, "i don't really think this will work, but maybe..." and then he did it! he sounded very cute saying, "cheeeeeez!" with that big grin. :)

bubandpie said...

I'm one of those carob-fed children who now has a raging sweet tooth (especially for the real, real chocolate - though my mother still tries to palm me off on the new 77% cocoa ultra-dark stuff).

I like to nibble on the cookie dough, but I won't let me husband gulp it down by the spoonful the way he wants to - a couple of nibbles here and there is the limit.

Binkytown said...

Cookie dough, cake batter, you name it. We always got to lick the spoon. I remember it being better than the finished product!

YF said...

i am glad that you say that chicken is more of a danger - i am prone to taste the dough, but never the chicken raw... :-)

Lady M said...

I think everyone in the world except for my sister and me loves raw cookie dough!

Suzanne - Are you going to have to start taking turns with the kids on who gets the batter spoon? ;)

Kristen - Thanks! I've only read of one instance where a bunch of people got sick from cookie dough, and it was actually from a cookie dough ice cream. I'll bet the risk is pretty low.

Momma to LG - Those premade cookie squares are such a good idea.

K Goose - Do you only eat the cookies (like me) or the batter too? K is very perceptive about snacks!

Kari - I opened the freezer after you left and realized I'd forgotten to remind you. Thanks for picture again!

Bubandpie - SwingDaddy was a carob kid too. That first piece of real candy - mmmm.

Binkytown - Good times!

YF - Yeah, not so much raw chicken. Some markets sell irradiated eggs now, so those are safe for eating raw (not that I really want to eat raw eggs, but that might alleviate the fears of those who love cookie dough!)