Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dragons, Tortoises, Capybaras, and a Snuggle Puppy

Highlights of the day.

Q helped me bake muffins this morning, studiously stirring in the blueberries and exclaiming, "oh no!" when I dripped a bit of batter. I set his little stool in front of the oven and turned on the oven light. "You can watch the muffins bake while I wash the dishes, honey."

He sat down to watch the muffins. A minute later, he was up, tugged at my leg with an expression that said, "Mom, this is about as exciting as watching paint dry," and headed for his bookcase.

Q's been happy to keep his books on the new shelves, except this morning, where he pulled all the books onto the floor in sudden frenzy. Once he had a pile, he lay down on top, looking like Smaug the Dragon defending his pile of precious gold.

I was too late with the camera and he'd already kicked out most of the books in the pile, but this shot just looks so funny.

SwingDaddy went for a bike ride, so Q and I headed for our first solo trip to the zoo. Our favorite lemurs were napping, but we got to see the tortoise in action as he marched around the perimeter of his enclosure at a good clip. Q kept a pace on the other side of the fence, checking out the big shell.

We also saw a guinea pig who looked like he was contemplating a leap across the moat.

We approached the last of the animal attractions just as a flurry of noisy families arrived.
"What is it?"
"It's a wombat!"
"No, it's a beaver. Look at it!"
"It looks like a giant hamster."

Uh, there's also a giant sign, identifying just what he is. I'm not blaming any children for being inobservant – it was the parents who were arguing!

After a spin on the carousel and some more muffins al fresco, we headed home to join SwingDaddy.

Mommy and Snuggle Puppy!


Mamacita Tina said...

What a great day! Smiles all around. The weather is almost cool enough for us to go to the zoo again.

Kristen said...

Haha!! My kids are never as interested in baking with me as I think they will be, either. They actually prefer to get an empty pan and spatula and "pretend" to cook on the coffee table while I'm in the kitchen.

But at this point, I'm just thrilled with anything that cuts down on the noise! Haha...

lara said...

bubs surprised me when i was babysitting him last week by pretending to pour his bottle in his pail and then stir it with a big spoon. i could tell he'd been spending time baking with mommy. ;)

very cute pic at the end, too. :)

Lady M said...

mamacita tina - Zoos are the best, aren't they!

kristen - At least the pretend stirring is a lot less messy.

kari - Thanks! It was fun to hear how you'd done some pretend cooking. :)

Mary P. said...

Baking is only good for eating the batter. Nummm...

(I'm from the easier-going generation that wasn't frightened off by dire threats of salmonella. So far, my kids seem okay! Daycare kids don't get batter. With them, I'm much more PC and cautious.)

I love the boy atop his books. Smaug, indeed! Very cute. You just wonder, sometimes, what goes through their minds...