Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Benji's Choices, Plus the All-Sealife All-the-Time Channel

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asked a good question in response to yesterday's post about "So You Think You Can Dance." Should Benji, the contest winner, accept the job offer to perform in Celine Dion's show, "A New Day?"

SwingDaddy and I discussed this during the season. As a contemporary dancer, Travis was a more obvious fit for "A New Day," and we wondered exactly what they would do with Benji, one half of a swing team.

After the show finale, I read an interview where Benji said the same thing – Celine's show doesn't have any swing, so he expected to turn down the contract. However, Mia Michaels is a choreographer for the production, and was heavily encouraging him to do it, saying that they'd work to his strengths and make it happen. Presumably, he'd be able to bring a dance partner into the fold, maybe even his cousin Heidi, since she also has national recognition now, thanks to the TV show.

If that's the case, I think he should take it. He's a star in the swing dance world, but that's small compared to international showbiz. In "A New Day," he'll get to meet and make contacts with many of the producers, directors, and creators that come to visit Celine and also get to be part of a huge gig without the burden of bearing the box office.

Plus, Las Vegas, where her production is located, is a short hop from LA and Celine has long scheduled breaks during the year. He could still run off and tape the commercials and sitcoms he's being offered. He's also being offered work on Broadway, and this gives him time to figure out what to take and whether he can act. It's a win all around.

That being said, I don't know anything about his preferences or whether any of my assumptions about the entertainment business are true, so who knows what he'll choose. Others of his age and caliber in the ballroom world would continue competing for championship titles, teach classes and coach students, potentially for the rest of their careers. That is a successful life for many dancers, but Benji has a lot of other opportunities now. I'm interested to see his next gig.

Incidentally, I did a search to see if I could find the interview where he discussed the contract. I didn't pull it up, but I did find links to a fan site and Benji's MySpace page. I'm not going to post links, because I'm going to spare your eyes from the blinking, flashing, all-caps visual pain, but if you're curious, hit Google. I'm glad he (or any dancer) has an enthusiastic fan base, but whew, kids these days need more web skillz.

A news item that Benji was no longer expected to play Fred Astaire in a new movie drew an especially scary response from a fan: "Who is Fred Astaire?"


On a completely different topic, I have a proposal for a new website: All Cute Sealife, All the Time! I suppose that it would have a readership of one, so I'll just have to keep sharing my findings here instead. Two new things today.

1) Squid Soap. Thanks to Jenifer Scharpen at Blogging Baby for locating this hygienic and entertaining item.

SquidSoap works by applying a small ink mark on a person's hand when they press the pump to dispense the soap. The ink is designed to wash off after the hands are washed for about15-20 seconds, which is the time recommended by most doctors.

SquidSoap is lots of fun for kids, since they love to get marked. It makes handwashing more like a game. Also, the very stretchable squid toy is a blast to play with and will provide hours of entertainment.

2) Rocking Octopus. Thanks to SwingDaddy's sister, Rugger Mom, for finding this delightful rocker. We will have a full suite of cephalopod furniture someday.


Mayberry said...

Wow, thank you for the tres informative answer to my question! I'll share it with the husband since he was quite curious too. I didn't realize Mia Michels worked on the Celine show--interesting.

I LOVE that rocker.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, that squid soap is so cute, what a great idea. And that rocker, well, ROCKS.

Mary P. said...

I love that soap dispenser! I may be in the market for a few, for my kid--er, the daycare kids. Of course.

Lady M said...

Mayberry - thanks for the opportunity to blab more about a favorite topic!

Kristen and Mary P - I'm think about getting some squid soap too!

Mamacita Tina said...

That rocker is awesome! Squid soap...ditto. Now you've got me thinking I need to redo the kids bathroom into an ocean theme.