Thursday, September 07, 2006

Babushka Buffalo

Lately, Q has been playing lots with his toy buffalo, a gift from SwingDaddy's mom and stepdad. As previously reported, we "feed" Buff from a little cup, Buff wears the cup as a hat, and then I have to wear Buff as a hat. Buff and Blankie together make for an interesting sight too. Babushka Buffalo!

In other news, Q watched an episode of Bob the Builder where Bob learns to dance. Supposedly, he is learning salsa, but everyone is counting cha-cha timing out loud through the whole episode. "1-2-cha-cha-cha," over and over, for the benefit of an impressionable 18-month old mind. You can imagine what Q is now chanting.

Dude, we were gonna teach you swing before the Latin dances, but I guess you have your own plans!


Binkytown said...

Any post with the word BABUSHKA in it ROCKS! I thought my family were the only people left who used that word!

Lady M said...

We get Babushka Bear sometimes too. ;)