Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We Ate Lots Too

Thoughts from the Least-Qualified Food Writer Ever

Our flight into Las Vegas at the beginning of the weekend was delayed due to a mechanical issue (yes, a different plane, different flight, and another mechanical. Let this be a lesson to you. Avoid America West!), but the collection of luggage, cab ride, and check-in was blessedly uneventful.

A quick press of the "reservations" button on our room phone, and we found ourselves at a much nicer restaurant than expected, sitting on plush chairs in the dim, relaxing light, almost shell shocked.

"It's so . . . so quiet," SwingDaddy whispered.
"We're just . . . sitting here," I whispered back. No high chair to assemble, sippy cup to fill, plastic placemat to unfold, bib to attach, cheerios to distribute.

We sat very still for a few moments, savoring the feeling. SwingDaddy said his was the best steak he's ever enjoyed. My dinner was pretty remarkable too. I missed seeing Q learn to eat something new and munching vigorously, but it was nice to eat my own dinner and not have to tithe.

We generally weren't fine diners even before we were parents, since a big night out usually involved dancing and performing, which doesn't go well with a big meal beforehand. So, all the good eating this weekend was unusual and fun!

We had another meal at a more "informal" place, where we were told we could get hamburgers. Well, informal is a relative term at the Bellagio. I found the hamburgers on the menu.

"Kobe Hamburgers. They can't possibly be talking about Kobe beef, could they? Or am I ordering a meal named after a basketball star with boundary issues?"

Yes, I got three cute tiny burgers made from Kobe beef, and dude, the establishment also listed Kobe chili cheese fries, which is like using Dom Perignon for mimosas. Or a Ferrari as an airport shuttle. It'll get you there, but it's overkill on quality!

We also ate at an Asian themed place that served lychee crème brulee and mochi ice cream. Mmmmm. Oh yeah, we had dinner first too.

There was also a gorgeous patisserie with the world's tallest chocolate fountain, only half of which appears in the photo at the top of this post. While we ate our crepes, we saw a video show how they make chocolate bowls for pastries. It involves dipped a small balloon into liquid chocolate, waiting for it to dry, and popping the balloon. Very clever!

I was admiring this interesting colored stuff. Flavored marshmallows? I couldn't tell, but was intrigued.

"Let's get a container," said SwingDaddy. "Otherwise, you'll talk about this forever as the mystery candy you wished we bought while we were on vacation."

"No, let's not. I'd rather remember it that way than remember it as the candy we bought, devoured, and made ourselves sick with."

Instead, we got an amazingly artistic box of chocolates as a thank you for my folks. Luckily, they survived the complications of travel home, and we're awaiting a report to see how they tasted.

And I'm wondering about these colored marshmallows. . .


Suburban Turmoil said...

Oh wow. I would've loved to try those burgers and fries. I am so hungry now!

Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Bob said...

What a great writeup on Bellagio.
The chocolate fountain, the mini burgers, the shops and restaurants, and the photos.
Almost like-we were there.

Kristen said...

Yum. Vegas does have some amazing food...

Jenny said...

Those hamburgers are so damn CUTE! They're too cute to eat. It's like eating a kitten!

Mayberry said...

"It was nice to eat my own dinner and not have to tithe."

My favorite line of the day!

Mamacita Tina said...

Kobe beef, wow, expensive.

You've got me drooling. Got to find chocolate NOW!

Lady M said...

Cute food always tastes better, doesn't it!

mothergoosemouse said...

That fountain. My god, that fountain.

This was at the Bellagio? I may just have to change my mind about going to Vegas again.

Waya said...

Yummy in my tummy, Kobe beef burgers. Makes me want to take the next flight out to sin city. Oh wait, three kids to take care of...hmmm.