Monday, August 07, 2006

Oops, We Didn't Mean to Teach Him That

For a long time, we've stored most of Q's books in a big blue tub-like container in his play area near the kitchen. Since we spend most waking hours there, all the books from his bedroom shelf eventually migrated to the playroom tub. Last night, we finally got around to moving the bookshelf itself, and with much ceremony loaded it with his books.

What have we taught our son? Apparently, we've taught him that books are not stored on shelves. He swept all the books onto the floor. Helpfully, he put some of them back into the tub. I put the books back on the shelves. Q put them back on the floor and in the tub. Obviously, Mommy is a little slow. I hid the tub.

Books on shelf. Books on floor. Books on shelf. Books on floor. Deep breath.

I took his hand, put a book in it, and guided it until he released it onto the shelf. Repeat. And once more with feeling.

I think he may have gotten the message about the "new" way we're keeping the books. They're all still on the shelf now, and I saw him admiring his stacking arrangement. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


Izzy said...

Ahhh..the sweeping of the books of the shelves. I remember that!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Ha! My toddler did that around Q's age, too. She was obsessed with taking every single book out of her bookshelves. Eventually, she progressed to stacking them in neat piles, but she still hasn't mastered putting them back INTO the bookshelf yet! :)

Mary P. said...

This is why books are kept in baskets around here. Sweeping them off shelves is such fun at a certain age, and there is ALWAYS someone at that certain age around here!

Mocha said...

It's so funny to watch them order their world. This should be a clue as to what later years have in store for you.

Thanks for your nice words and sending others! Glad to meet you.

YF said...

hmmm, well at least they aren't in the dog bed, under dresser and some in the bathroom cupboards like Fi's are. :-)

Lady M said...

He kept the books (mostly) on the shelves today! I'm not certain that's really a trend, but it was nice to not have to staple them in place. ;)