Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Son, Evel Knievel

Does the post title totally date me? For those more familiar with MTV "Jackass," Evel Knievel was a legendary motorcycle daredevil. Now I must say that so far, Q is having a higher success rate than Evel, although his promotional budget remains small.

Getting ready to make the jump

No, this isn't a fall. Q climbed into this position, pushed himself around for a while giggling, and then climbed down.

Many years ago, SwingDaddy and I happened upon a Comedy Central show where a goofy hero rode a tiny bicycle up a ramp and jumped across Evel Knievel himself (see link under 1997). The guy almost crashed, but did manage to survive the miniscule jump. Evel addressed the viewers afterwards. "Boys and girls, always wear your bicycle helmets!"

Sit down young man! Don't you even think about . . .

Ok, let's sit down now.

As a photo-journalist, I am sorry that I couldn't capture images of the next acrobatic attempt, but as a mother, I needed to prevent their natural conclusion.

By the way, thank you for the nice remarks about my last two posts. Elisa Camahort, co-founder of BlogHer, recently wrote about perception/reality/BlogHer, and I'm honored that she found her favorite BlogHer quote here.


Rohini said...


I like what you said about 75 minutes being a fun and relaxed evening. Isn't it amazing how much having a child changes your perception of time itself...

lara said...

age is irrelevant - everyone should know who evel knievel is.

those pictures are awesome. and don't worry too much about not capturing the conclusion of these events on camera - i was able to create a pretty good likeness in my head. it was awesome to watch. :-P

mothergoosemouse said...

Evel Knievel rocks. Pop culture - very important knowledge.

Love the stunt photos too.

Lady M said...

Today's trick involved turning the bike over and balancing it upside down - thankfully without him under it. We'll see what's next!

Mary Tsao said...

Hi -- Found you through Elisa C's site. Great comment about BlogHer. My geeky husband refers to BlogHer as a lot of hugging and kissing.

I know all about evel knievel boys. I've got one, too! He just turned 20 months a couple of days ago.

You son's a real cutie!