Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Manicures are More Complicated than They Look

I'm going to wrap the rest of the Vegas vacation into two posts, so that I can return to the more important business of posting cute pictures of Q. Tonight, our little darling has determined that his father is the best possible challenge for his growing climbing skills, so we had a good gigglefest.

Bits and pieces from our guest pass into the lap of luxury:

I'm not usually a salon-type girl, but as a treat, I booked a manicure and pedicure. What did I learn? It takes a lot of time and maintenance to look like a polished lady! First of all, the treatments took a lot longer than I expected, and it must have showed that the last time I'd had my nails done was probably at our wedding. The poor manicurist had to prod me with incredibly obvious (to any other girl) instructions every step of the way.

"You'll want to take off your rings. Please take off your watch. And roll up your sleeves. Please put your hand here." And so on.

The results looked nice though! Following ljc's scrapbooking advice to take pictures of your feet next to interesting ground markings, here are my newly painted toes and a bit of the conservatory mosaic.

Here are my fingernails as I'm peering into the yummy leftovers from dinners I described yesterday. Yes, the nails need documentation because I don't know when the next time I'll manage to do this.

The salon/spa complex was pretty impressive - an enormous warren that seemed to stretch back for miles. It was like the old Avengers episodes, where an innocent-seeming storefront would hide a secret world of tunnels, housing acolytes walking around in matching white robes and flipflops.

More hotel nonsense:

There was also a charming exhibition of miniatures in the conservatory, all made of natural fibers. The US Capitol and other landmarks were featured, as well as a mini-Bellagio complete with fountainette.

Here are our shampoos, lotions, and mouthwash, because I am easily amused. SwingDaddy heard me snap the picture, and called out suspiciously, "What are you photographing in the bathroom?"

Visiting other hotels:

Caesar's Palace has an ostensibly Roman theme, but the decoration seems to veer closer to "anything that looks like white marble." There was a replica of Michaelangelo's David, which is only off by several centuries and miles. And even more oddly, we ran across the Winged Victory, which is from the Greek island of Samothrace. Well, no one goes to Vegas for archeological authenticity.

We strolled through the newest of the fancypants hotels, the Wynn, and duly admired the d├ęcor. A taxi driver later told us that he's often asked what the theme of the Wynn is, like "pirates" for Treasure Island, Paris, New York, etc. What does he answer? "Money."

And to remind ourselves that there is plenty of stuff to balance out the Wynn, here is the Tutu Tango Resort. We were happy to keep on walking and get back to our place.

Overall, the Bellagio was great, and I have only one complaint: How come modest hotels give you free internet access and a working refrigerator, but a luxury hotel insists on charging an extra 11 bucks and filling the mini-fridge with items tagged with motion detectors, so you can't touch them? And no wireless internet? We're going to have to bring our own router next time. Just kidding! Well, maybe.

Tomorrow: How a diehard Cirque du Soleil fan (almost) overdosed on shows.


Mamacita Tina said...

Great nails! I go way too long between mani/pedicures too. Boy are they heaven!

Lady M said...

I need to learn some skills for keeping the polish looking good longer . . .