Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kissy Sound Effects

It's a well established fact that Q loves phones. He's got three different models of toy phones, plus an old TV remote control that he treats as a phone, but he still yearns to hold the "real" phones, which are off limits.

Well, off limits except Sunday night, when I needed him to stop thrashing while I changed a particularly poopy diaper. I caved and handed him a cordless handset. After the (very cooperative) diaper change, he wasn't about to let me have it back, so I kept an eye on it while we played. If he hit the "talk" button or dialed too many numbers, I'd lean over and press the off button to reset it.

After about 20 minutes, monitoring the phone was getting to be a bit of a chore, and inspiration hit. He loves to press buttons, so why not teach him to press the off button himself?

The next time, I told him, "Please press off," and held his finger over the button. He pressed it. After that, he did it consistently when I asked.

So while I don't want to make a practice of giving him the phone, as least I didn't have to tail him until he got distracted by another toy. That night, distractions were hard to come by, so I figured we'd call my parents, Ama and Agu. Q let me hold the phone long enough to dial. As soon I was done, he snatched the phone back. I wrapped my arms around him so that he couldn't wander off.

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad," I called out, hoping I was loud enough to be heard while Q held the phone and pressed more buttons. "Say 'hi,' honey."

He managed a small verbal "hi" and waved jauntily at the phone. More button presses. My mom and dad's voices emerged – the kiddo managed to get the speakerphone on! I went to fetch his most realistic toy phone, the one with the same color and heft as the working phones, and handed it to him, figuring that he could hold it while I talked.

Nooooo. He handed it back to me and indicated that I should hold it to my ear and pretend, while he talked on the real phone to his grandparents. He ran through his repertoire of animal sounds for their entertainment and they chatted back to him.

Ama!" he said delightedly. "Mwah!" Apparently, I have been kissing my son with such exaggeration that he now believes kissing is an entirely sound-based activity. "Mwah!" he says again, to indicate kisses to his Grandma.

Sounds like Mama needs to revamp her kissing style. I occasionally need to give SwingDaddy a second kiss sans sound effects, following an accidental Mwah! I have to prove to myself that I can still do it.


Jenny said...

I love it!

I always let Hailey play with the remote when I'm changing her diaper and she inevitabley turns it onto porn or tries to set the child locks.

Bob said...

Cool! Like the Mwah sound.

Lady M said...

It's amazing what the young'uns manage to fall into!

K goose blog said...

The phone is definitely the best toy ever! We also try and turn it off before handint it to K as she has dialed folks before. T looks so cute!

Mamacita Tina said...

I bet your parents were loving that conversation! Especially the kisses.

No turning back now, only the real thing will do. Q knows the difference!