Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just Two More Bites

At a dance week a few years ago, I had lunch with the salsa dance instructors from LA. She was beautiful and sexy with an eye for perfect clothes. He was handsome and macho and convinced an entire campus that it was hot for straight men to dance salsa. Together, they performed in music videos, TV commercials, a few movies – pretty smoking stuff.

They also had a small daughter, who was distinctly uninterested in her lunch. It was a revelation to the pre-child me, seeing two of the most glamorous people I knew reduced to chanting, "Just eat two more bites. Just two more bites! Ok, just one more bite. One more bite!"

That was SwingDaddy and me tonight, minus the glamour part. Q was not inspired by his special restaurant meal. Just one bite, honey!

We weren't any more successful than the salsa dancers, although he chowed down two servings of rice and homemade chicken stew when we got home.

It's somehow nice to know that even the beautiful people face the same challenges. Now I sound like an issue of US Weekly. Not that I've ever bought a copy. No, not me.


Jenny said...

Hee! I can relate.

Crap. Does that mean the Britney Spears and I are on the same level?

Kristen said...

Yep, like my mom used to say (and still does, actually), "they put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do."

And their kids are still kids, challenges and all!

K goose blog said...

Funny, tonight I promised K goose a bite of butter if she just ate her veggies. one veggie bite one butter bite. Talk about bribery.

T seems to still love the jamba juices. Sorry to have missed the party today..

Lady M said...

Jenny - naw, no one could possibly go through as much chewing gum and mascara as Brit!

Kristen - Exactly!

K goose blog - We were sorry to miss you too! Hope to see you later in the month.