Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Safe with Visions of Fountains Dancing in Our Heads

We made it home safely this afternoon, 'only' 24 hours late. Q had woken up early from his nap, so he was on hand to greet us with a little welcoming dance. We were so happy to see him and relieved that he still remembered us. The kiddo got a lot of loving attention while we were gone and apparently used up every last energy molecule showing off and being cute for Ama and Agu (as Q calls my parents), resulting in sleeping like a small rock each night.

My folks sent daily posts detailing Q's adventures, and we reported that we too had eaten well and slept well. Aside from the horrors of the return non-flight, we had a spectacular anniversary vacation, the first time we've been jointly away from Q. It was wonderful to have a few days on our own, and also know that my folks were playing with him all weekend long. I'm going to put the travel fiasco out of mind and just write about the fun stuff, until later, when I need to tap out the mother of all complaint letters to America West Airlines.

By the way, apologies for the lousy quality of the pictures yesterday. I'd pre-loaded the photos and posts through Saturday, planning to write and post Vegas pictures Sunday night when we returned, but well, you know how that went. The camera on my Treo did ok, considering the difficult lighting situations.

Tonight's topic: More than you ever wanted to hear about the Fountains of Bellagio.

We stayed at the Bellagio, thanks to a discounted internet reservation deal, in a room overlooking the fountains. It may be cheesy, but I looooove those fountains!

Five or six years ago, I was in Las Vegas for work, taking an evening walk down the strip, when I first saw the spectacle. It made me proud to be American. It had that end-of-the-empire decadence – millions of gallons of water flung into the air of the desert for nothing more than show. Dancing water accompanied by music from hidden loudspeakers, alternating between pop-opera and showtunes. What more could you ask for?

Each returning trip, I had to return to the lagoon and wait through a few of the 15 minute intervals between songs until I heard by favorite, "Time to Say Goodbye," by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. I know, I know. Any shred of hipness that you might have imagined I possessed has evaporated in the desert sky.

This time, we got to tune our hotel room stereo to the Fountain channel, and watch the show from our room! Day . . .

Or night!

SwingDaddy was highly tolerant of me running onto the restaurant terrace repeatedly during dinner to watch. And speaking of dinner, tomorrow's topic: Reflections on fine dining in Las Vegas, prepared by the least-qualified food critic ever.


Momma to LG said...

So I have put it all together now and you and my friend Dave were supposed to be on the same flight leaving Vegas! He got home yesterday on the 9:30am flight. Glad to see you finally got home.

Mamacita Tina said...

Ah, the fountains are beautiful! I got to stay in one of those rooms over Christmas and could not stop watching the show. It was breathtaking and I saved a lot of money not gambling.

Lady M said...

Momma to LG - ah, yeah, we must have been on the same flight. There were American West refugees all over Vegas Sunday night.

Mamacita Tina - yay, another fan! I didn't think of it as saving money from gambling, but that is a very good point. Beautiful, and virtuous. ;)

Anonymous said...

You both look fabulously relaxed. Glad you got some time away to enjoy yourselves. Happy Anniversary!