Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Farewell, My Starfish Bathmat

I have a fondness for extremely cute plush sealife. Merely cute is not enough – we have very high standards for cuteness around here. So imagine my great joy when "Finding Nemo" hit the theaters in 2003. The Disney Store was just awash in fuzzy sea creatures!

SwingDaddy was tolerant of the new friends I brought home, but nowhere more so than for Peach, the starfish bathmat. On first glance, a starfish is a pretty good shape for a rug, since she's already mostly 2D. However, the first time you step out of the shower and try to maneuver over the starfish, you discover that you have to stand pigeon toed and end up dripping water all over the tile floor.

So, as charming as she is, Peach has never really been a good bathmat. We found a plain, cream-colored rectangular mat for the shower door, and Peach instead presents a cheery face when I get up and brush my teeth in the morning. Sadly, she's getting a little worn and frayed, and we'll probably have to send her to the big Bed, Bath and Beyond in the sky.

Happily, I'll still have these guys for company.

And especially this guy!

Octopus Q, Halloween 2005


lara said...

with bubbers around, how could you not have high standards for cuteness? just look at that face!

Anonymous said...

very funny... and cutie patootie! Crystal

Mayberry said...

I have to say that "Nemo Fish" (as my daughter used to call it) is one of the kids' movies that I can still watch over and over. It's brilliant!

But no one is cuter that Q in that suit!

Lady M said...

Thanks, ya'll! We'll just blush over here.