Friday, August 11, 2006

A Boy and His Broom

Q and I went to visit a good friend and co-conspirator. She and I have a history of crazy creative projects, like designing and sewing ten 1920's frocks in two weeks for a show. Today, we were mellow, just catching up and devouring mangoes. We thought that Q would enjoy playing with her cute little Maltese puppy.

He had a grand time sweeping the porch instead.


Her Bad Mother said...

I totally can't blame him. Brooms are more responsive. And better dancers.

Mary P. said...

...and don't hump your foot.


Mayberry said...

First the stove, now this. I'm going to start calling him "Cinderella."

lara said...

as i told said-dog-owner tonight, what you guys need to do is attach the dog to the broom handle - two great tastes that go great together!

(no, i'm not really an abusive animal hater, and dog-owner knows i was kidding...)

Lady M said...

Ya'll make me laugh! We'll have to get little Cinderfella to pick up more chores and take care of the dog!rwkxu