Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby Velcro and Baby Teflon

Please don't call Child Protective Services. This post has nothing to do with the actual application of either VELCRO (TM) or Telfon (TM) to a baby.

Almost two years ago, my colleague BikeGuy and his wife had their first baby, and my then boss (who I will call BossMom) and I went to visit a few days after they returned from the hospital. At that point in my life, I had held babies in my arms exactly three times, twice with the same baby, and for a grand total of 20 minutes of baby-holding time. Yeah.

BossMom immediately took up the new mom's offer to hold the little girl and rocked her back and forth. She was pretty much inseparable from the baby for the rest of the visit. They offered to let me hold her repeatedly, but I wouldn't do it. What if I broke the baby?!

"Lady M, you're pregnant! You're going to have to do this at some point!"

I patted my belly. "I still have time."

After we left, they apparently christened BossMom as "Baby Velcro" and me as "Baby Teflon."

Fast forward to this afternoon, when SwingDaddy, BossMom, and I made plans to visit the same couple's second baby, just home from the hospital.

SwingDaddy said, "You know, you're going to have to hold the baby this time."

"I'm ready this time!"

And I was. He was a cute little dude and so tiny! You forget just how small a newborn is. SwingDaddy took a picture to prove that I've advanced as a human being, but I forgot to ask permission to post it, so I'm falling back on my stock flora from the Conservatory trip.

I feel more like a real mom today.


The Visitor said...

Saw your blog on the Just posted list on the blogger home page. Reading your post, I was reminded of another mother's experiences at Mama Says so. Interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

Hey, consider yourself "star quality." Reese Witherspoon said she hadn't held any babies until she held her own.

I always forget to support the head with the newborns.....

Bob said...

Really tranquil and pretty waterlily

madame a said...

hmm...I guess I'm baby velcro too....although in my family we call them baby hogs...and most of us ARE baby hogs since with 10 kids, most of us had lots of baby holding experience at a young age!