Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yes, I Know the Muffin Man

We live on Drury Lane. Q helped me bake this weekend.



Yum! The batter makes two trays of mini-muffins (cute food tastes better, after all), and I use a big muffin pan to finish it out. That way, we can bake them all at once.

In other news, we had an excellent rehearsal tonight with our troupe. Our show is this coming Tuesday, and the numbers look sharp. SwingDaddy and I were so tired that the first pass at our solo was a little glazed, but we smoothed out most bobbles by the end of practice. It was one of those good nights, where the energy grows with each dance.

Above: I brought 19 costume dresses, 2 blouses, 6 shirts, 8 pairs of long white gloves, 8 flower wreathes, and a wig to rehearsal to distribute to the dancers. Thank heavens we don't need to pack the big Victorian petticoats for this show!

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