Monday, July 03, 2006

Somebody Pimped My Squirrel

We made a return to the zoo this morning, and enjoyed a surprisingly uncrowded visit. The lemurs were very active, and I got a better picture this time. Check out that long furry black tail.

I took a shot of a friendly meercat for Mary P.

Isn't this one quite bizarre looking? It is a Dwarf Zebu, a breed of cattle from India. When there isn't food available, it can survive from the fat in its hump, much like a camel.

We admired this remarkably multi-colored rodent from Southeast Asia. SwingDaddy said, "Look, somebody pimped the squirrel!" Unfortunately, the photo doesn't do justice to the boldness of its luxe look.

Highlight of the day: We took Q on his first carousel ride. Whee!


Her Bad Mother said...

I am seriously NOT KIDDING when I say that meercats and carousels are among my favorite things. Really. Seeing these pics made my day.

Lady M said...

2badladies - Yay for places designed to make people happy! I love carousels too. This one was so small that I was starting to get dizzy by the time it stopped. :)