Thursday, July 27, 2006

Soap Opera Drama on PBS Kids Sprout

Well, we got Pingu back, but lost Melanie.

There've been a number of changes to the PBS/Sprout "Good Night Show" lately. We always liked Melanie, the chirpy host who introduced the segments, played games and taught a craft each night. Two weeks ago, they introduced a creepy plush co-host named "Star," who as you might have guessed, was star-shaped with arm appendages and a raspy voice.

The unfortunate result of its arrival (aside from basic annoyance) was that they cut our beloved Pingu to make time for the interaction between Melanie and Star. We were so sad! I even sent an email to PBS/Sprout, requesting that they return Pingu.

The next smoking toddler news from this week? Sprout fired Melanie. Apparently, seven years ago, she spoke in a 30 second parody of a public service announcement on teen abstinence, and PBS decided that she no longer suited the role of a pre-school program host.

SwingDaddy says that they should also cut the Thomas the Tank Engine segments hosted by George Carlin, if they're going to get picky about what the actors have done in the past.

Anyway, we will miss Melanie, but we're not sorry that Star has gone missing too. Best of all, Pingu is back!

The BlogHer conference starts tomorrow. It looks like everyone is posting about being nervous and wondering what to wear. Should I be nervous? Is there some big hazing initiation that I missed in the registration material? Too late to worry now!


Kristen said...

I keep hearing about this, and at first, I was thinking, "Well, PBS had to do it." but the more I consider it, the more I think it's completely inconsistent - the point about George Carlin is a good one, and someone mentioned James Gandolfini being a guest on Sesame Street, not to mention Robert DeNiro, Danny DeVito, Cher, all manner of pop stars - apparently those celebrities' backgrounds aren't questionable in the least.

Lady M said...

We have a Sesame Street alphabet DVD where Stephen Colbert is the co-host, dressed up as a big letter "Z." Is political satire acceptable for pre-schoolers? Hmmm, PBS had better think so me more! ;)