Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Okay, This One Really Is a Milestone

The morning after our trip to the ER, I called Nanny J at home to give her a heads-up that Q was sick. I didn't want her to arrive on a Monday morning with fun play plans and have them rudely met by a croupy baby. Her husband answered the phone, and I could have spoken English to him, but it actually felt better and more articulate to speak Chinese!

All those years of my parents telling me to keep up my language skills . . . and it's really paying off. Thanks, mom and dad! SwingDaddy and I are happy to have Q hearing both languages in the house.

Today, Q wanted to watch Bob the Builder, so he walked into the living room and pointed at the dark TV screen. He shrugged his shoulders dramatically and said, "May – yoh." ("There isn't any.") He also points to pictures on the fridge and does fairly well naming the people. He's had Baba, Mama, Babee, Ayi (for Nanny J) for a while now. New this week, he's chosen to call my parents "Ama" and "Agu," usually while making the baby sign for telephone to indicate that we should call them. He's also working on Lady O and Nanny K's names, quite cutely.

He's still got a cough, but has enough energy to try climbing the coffee table repeatedly. I've come down with a sore throat, so it's off to bed early tonight.


lara said...

that picture is adorable! and i can't wait to hear what my name sounds like. i was so excited when i found out he said it that i was telling all my fellow steppies about it. :-P

YF said...

that picture is just wonderful... LOVE it. wish i had one just like it of Fi and I.. Looks like you have another photographer in the house too. :-)

Andrew's mommy said...

I can just picture his new phrase and the accompanying shoulder shrug. Hen ke ai!

Lady M said...

yf and kari - I was so happy when SwingDaddy caught us snuggled up and reading together. Q is moving fast enough that it get challenging to take a pitcure.

andrew's mommy - ke ai, indeed! He said it for my parents on our video call last night and they laughed so hard. :)