Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Little Dude is Rockin' Out

In between teaching classes earlier this week, we played some dance music, which Q loved. Here he is, rocking out!

We're over the busiest part of the dance week. There are only two days to go, which is a relief from a schedule perspective, but sad, because we will miss everyone. Tonight we finally had time to catch up with Norma Miller, and she's asked us to contribute to her newest book, a history of social dance.

Norma's 86 now, and never misses a beat. She stepped out of the audience last night to sing her song, and when the stage lights hit her clothes, she glistened all over - glittery sparkles from head to toe. The younger gals watching from the sidelines all ooooh'd.

"That is a lady who has been in show biz all her life," I remarked. She sure knows how to be noticed!

Hearing her plan her next workshop, next book, next video production is really inspirational. She may be more than 50 years older than us, but she has just as many plans and dreams as when she was a 14 year old girl, getting her first dance gig.


Bob said...

Quite an honor to be asked by Norma Miller to contribute to her book.

Hey I see Ryan in Trevor in this photo

lara said...

i was thinking the same thing, actually - bubs looks a lot more like daddy in this picture than he usually does. hooray for raising little dancers! :)

Lady M said...

Hee hee!