Monday, July 17, 2006

Lil' Bug Returns

Our Charleston class was a blast of energy this morning, and Mazurka was just as much fun. It's hot, so we're drinking water madly to try to stay hydrated.

The photo above is from the same show as yesterday's picture. One of the naughty sailor boys is carrying off a wild Charleston girl.

Q woke up at 5am again and demanded company noisily. I went into his room, where he was standing up, leaning against the rail of his crib. As soon as he saw me, he lay down and curled into what we used to call "Little Bug." It brought back old memories, so fond that I almost (but not quite) forgot that it was 5am.

This is a real Lil' Bug - can't believe he was this small last year!


Mary P. said...

None of the pictures since Friday's post are showing. Is this a Blogger problem, or merely my own? Anyone else reported having this problem?

lara said...

i can still remember the first time i met bubbers, when he was so tiny and snuggled up in a sling in SwingDaddy's arms. i'm so happy to still be around and a part of his life 16 months later! :)

Lady M said...

Mary P - No one else has reported the problem so far, and I've checked with several friends successfully to see if they can see the pix. I'm sorry! I'll keep looking to see what the problem might be.

K - We're so happy that you're part of our lives too!