Saturday, July 15, 2006

Like I Could Touch the Sky

I think I used up all my words and need for expression today, between teaching and demonstrating at the dance workshop. SwingDaddy and I were pleased with our class, and Q loved getting to see so much musical motion.

The photo above is from a shoot we did before our big "Stepping Out" concert. The boys are having a good time in the air.


Mary P. said...

Lady M? I don't see a picture.

Bob said...

Those are pretty high jumps

Lady M said...

Mary P - Hmmm. I tried both IE and Firefox, and have successfully loaded. the picture. When you refresh, can you see it then? It shows three guys (including SwingDaddy) leaping into the air. I love guys who dance. :)

Bob - yeah, and it's not a photoshopped picture! It's all real.