Monday, July 10, 2006

Like the Hero of a Dickens Story

An hour after writing the cheery end of yesterday's post, we were on our way to the ER for the first time with Q. He came down with croup, which sounds positively Dickensian. Next thing you know, we'll have gout.

God, I hope not. I think you're supposed to be a rich old man for gout. And I think you can only catch brain fever if you're a colonizing English person in India in a Frances Hodgson Burnett story. It's a good thing that SwingDaddy comes from a medical family, so we have more than classic literature to use for diagnoses.

Apparently, croup viruses target the voice box area, and where an adult would just have laryngitis, a small child could get such a swollen throat that he has trouble taking a breath. Q had the nasty seal-like barking, so we were ER-bound.

After some medication, he's doing much better. Nights are supposed to be worse, so we've got our fingers crossed for tonight. The doctor said that if we end up going to the ER again, we should open all the car windows and let in the cool night air. It's common that the croupy kids are fine by the time they arrive at the hospital, because the cold air has stopped the spasm. In that case, said Dr. H, just turn around and drive home.

I imagine this doesn't complete the freshman survey of childhood illnesses, but I hope we don't see croup again.


lara said...

i still actually remember my last bout with croup (i apparently had it a ridiculous four times throughout my childhood). it was awful, not being able to take a breath and being scared i was going to just die from lack of air. we tried steam from the shower, but eventually we did have to go to ER and i had to have an epinephrine shot. blarg. hope bubbers gets well soon...

Mayberry said...

Aw, poor guy. Hope it's over soon.

Lady M said...

Kari - FOUR times? Oh no!

Mayberry - thanks for your concern. Today was good, so hopefully it's just regular coughing now.