Friday, July 28, 2006

Land of a Thousand Bloggers

The BlogHer conference was terrific today! There were lots of good classes, but the best part was meeting many of the ladies who I read regularly. One cool coincidence: We were all finding seats before the opening session, and the gal who happened to sit next to me was a classmate from fifth grade! And she's famous too!

It occurred to me tonight that I should have brought Japanese Fruit Friend with me for identification purposes, since I use his Orange incarnation as my Blogger profile picture. Maybe I'll bring him tomorrow.

More about BlogHer later. The rest of the conference and two weddings are tomorrow, so it's time to get to bed.

Updated: I did indeed get a picture with Mir and JFF!

1 comment:

YF said...

hope you are having so much fun! so cool about your classmate - small world again.