Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A is for Apple, Airplane, Epinephrine

Q's had a lot of simple words for a while, like mama and baba, woof-woof and quack-quack, but we got our first truly multi-syllable word more recently. The night we left the ER at 1 o'clock in the morning, we were walking under a clear night sky, and a loud airplane flew overhead. Q leaned over SwingDaddy's arms and exclaimed, "Eh-pi!"

SwingDaddy said, "Yes, it's an airplane! Very good. I'm glad you're feeling better, little bud."

"I think he meant "epinephrine," I mean we just left a room full of people talking about 'epi.'"

It did really sound a lot more like "epi," but Q pretty regularly calls planes by the name "Eh-pi" now, so I guess SwingDaddy was right. These last few days he's saying "apple" quite clearly too.

A cousin gave him these charming alphabet blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've been holding off opening them, since the paper artwork would be ruined with a few good chewings, but the outside of the box is so beautiful that we've been playing with it already.

A = apple, B = boat, C = cat. Q does pretty well with this side of the cube. He can say "apple" and meow for the cat.

D = dance, E = egg, F = feet. Egg doesn't do much for him, but he stomps his feet when I say "dance," and wiggles his feet for F.

Somehow we haven't spent much time on the G-H-I side of the box. He almost immediately turns it over to:

J = jewelry, K = kiss, L = light. When I said, "Kiss!" this morning, he came over really close to me. I was excited to get a kiss, but he instead presented his cheek, right next to my face. Cutie. I kissed him.

Shout out to Momma to LG and Her Bad Mother: Thank you so much for your help! The song was indeed Slippery Fish!

Everyone seems to be posting pictures of themselves for identification at BlogHer, so here's mine.

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Jenny said...

I love those blocks! Gotta go get some myself.

PS. you and your little one are gorgeous!