Saturday, July 01, 2006

In Which We Ask for More Food

I took Q to the Farmers' Market again this morning, and he discovered the free samples that the farmers and vendors offer. We walked past some strawberries and he agitated, "Mmmmm!"

"Ok, here's a little strawberry, honey."


"Here, we're near the orange stand now. Do you want a slice of orange?"


"More, please."

"Mo, peese!"

I'm trying not to bother any vendor more than once, so we move on to the nectarine display. Then a nubbin of peach. And then a cracker with a sample of asparagus dip.

I managed to juggle him long enough to buy a basket of strawberries before the one-man band started to play. It was a beautiful morning, and we got to relax in the shade, clapping and dancing to "Brown Eyed Girl."

We had some less charming food experiences earlier in the week. Here are a set of unfortunate cupcakes.

Nanny K and I were baking, and we peered suspiciously at them coming out of the oven. I stuck a toothpick in one cupcake and it came out clean, but somehow, the cupcake seemed just a little too solid. K confirmed my opinion, and we dropped each one into the trash bin, where they made disturbingly loud thumping noises. Had the mix gone bad? We'll never know. We ended up baking a different and much more successful cake instead.

This next picture what was once an individually wrapped almond cookie.

Nanny J left it for Q to enjoy, and he chewed on the wrapper and squeezed the cookie until he had a nicely sealed package of crumbs.

I realized as I re-read this that it sounds like we have one child and two nannies. No, we are not that rich and spoiled. Nanny K is a good friend who babysat for us last autumn and dances with our troupe. K - we can invent another nom-de-blog, if you like! ;)


lara said...

no, i like being Nanny K! it may not technically be true anymore (i don't come over everyday to babysit these days), but it still pretty accurately encompasses my role with Bubbers. it would feel sad to go to simply using my name, and no other title really expresses it as well. i say we stick with Nanny K - your readers should know by now that you are not spoiled elitist snobs. :)

Lady M said...

No spoiled elitist snobs here! When you graduate, you can choose to be Teacher K too. We'll see what Q learns to say first!