Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Don't Think You Can Really Call These Milestones

Kinda-Milestone #1: Apparently, I've started thinking of myself as a photographer. Not that you would be able to tell from the quality of my snapshots.

At this weekend's wedding, we were sitting among the rows of delicate chairs, waiting for the ceremony and admiring the white paper umbrellas that many guests were using to shade themselves from the sun. It was such a beautiful image, and I really regretted not having my camera on hand.

I've often wished I had a camera to capture a photo of friends, but this time I wanted this visual composition, to post on the blog! I was fretting and obsessing over whether I should run to get the Canon when I realized that I wasn't enjoying the actual beauty of the moment, which was more important, after all.

Un-Milestone #2: Tonight, I looked at the toys strewn around the playroom floor and left them there, instead of putting them all away.

In other news, Q slept well last night and was much better today. Thanks for your concern!


Mayberry said...

Glad to hear he's doing better. I think the hydrangea photo is gorgeous!

lara said...

your snapshots are excellent, M. no claiming you are not a photographer. :)

Lady M said...

Awww, thanks!